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NAABB is owned and operated by Scott Radin and A.S. Radin & Associates, the latter which is the licensed business entity in New York State. Scott Radin’s business brokering experience goes back to 2001 as both a business broker owner and national business broker trainer. For roughly ten years he owned and managed the largest business brokerage in the Western New York area. His extensive experience continues to grow with every new broker trained and launched by NAABB. Scott trains every new NAABB Certified Broker in the new broker’s home town / territory.


NAABB Owner Scott Radin is also nationally renowned for his UnderDog advisory service that provides pro bono advice to the victims or the attorneys of the victims of online slander. Scott Radin himself was the victim of a widely-viewed extortion attempt between 2009 – 2011 that can still be found to this day on known collusion site Scott Radin uses his own experience in overcoming these attacks and helping other business owner victims regain their reputation. Scott Radin has gained national acclaim for how he not only survived these attacks; but thrived.

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Certified NAABB Brokers are given a complete system and brand however do not have any requirements, quotas or goals placed on them to remain in good standing. Furthermore, all NAABB Certified Brokers are independently owned business brokers utilizing a common support system. NAABB is not a real estate brokerage or management firm. NAABB Certified Brokers do not sell the real estate of the business rather they focus on the goodwill and assets.


In 2017, NAABB was exclusively chosen to represent a professional football network consisting of over 14,000 current and former professional football players seeking business investment opportunities. NAABB Certified Brokers now work with professional football players in buying and selling businesses. NAABB also has a lending network to finance business buyers and a professional business buyer network for mid-sized businesses.

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