The Extortion Attempt on Scott Radin posted on

Scott Radin, owner of A.S. Radin & Associates and the North American Alliance of Business Brokers became the victim of one of the Internet's most brutal slander extortion attempts on he was brutally attacked online between the fall of 2009 to the spring of 2011 by an individual attempting to ruin his reputation after he would not bow to this attacker's extortion attempts. The attacker, purported to be from Maryland and a former broker trained by Broker Service Network, attempted to extort thousands of dollars from scott once the attacker could not collect on a fee paid to a former associate at broker service network.

In the fall of 2009, the attacker contacted Scott after his unsuccessful attempt to collect from his former associate and owner of Broker Service Network. He threatened Scott that if he did not send him the money that he originally tried collecting from the aforementioned associate then he would slander and ruin Scott's reputation using known slander sites like


Between the fall of 2009 to the spring of 2011 the attacker, using many pseudonyms to fake being many people, carried out one of the most vicious slander attempts ever seen online. What began as various posts regarding how Scott supposedly ripped people off including fake documentation reportedly provided by Scott turned into an all out assault claiming that Scott was a convicted sex offender.


Despite these attacks, Scott's brokerage company North American Alliance of Business Brokers continues to flourish and grow despite these highly visible attacks still given high ranking on Google. The North American Alliance of Business Brokers has over 150 active locations across North America all of which were set up after these brutal attacks were posted and attained high visibility.


Scott made multiple attempts to remove these postings without success. In early 2010 he filed a criminal complaint with the New York State police however this attacker could not be positively identified and he filed a complaint with the FCC only to be told that he had no recourse.


The known slander site where the attacks were posted do not remove any postings as slanderous as they may be.

And since 1,000 people of more per week search Scott's name or business names these attacks maintain top ranking on Google because despite being 5+ years old.