Here is a Q&A to Owner Scott Radin regarding these attacks

Q: Why is it still at the top of search engine results?

A: Although these attacks are many years old, anyone searching any of our names will find it and click on it and search clicks creates better search placement. It became quite a sensation back when it was happening which resulted in top Google placement because of the sheer number of traffic that clicks to the attack link. So because 500-1000 people search us a week, that link remains high in placement.


Q: Why does it come up when searching NAABB?

A: See my answer last above. The complaints are manipulated by ROR to appear current however if you read the attacks you will see the posting dates were many years ago before NAABB.


Q: Have you lost potential clients from it?

A: No actually we have gained some new territory broker owners by it. It seems one or more of our national competitors is spreading this ROR link to tarnish us but once we speak to the prospect and they speak to current NAABB brokers then they come to us. Most recognize ROR as a bogus reporting site.

And if we have lost prospects because of it we likely would not know - or care - because these people do not do their due diligence. And lack of proper due diligence is the death knell for a business broker.


Q: Was this complaint filed with the Better Business Bureau?

A: Of course not because the BBB makes the accuser identify themselves. And if he identified himself then I would have legal grounds to go after him. We have  an A+ rating with the BBB.


Q: How do you help other victims of online attacks?

A: Our newest way is our free rebuttal program but I have been providing free advice to victims or the attorneys of victims for three years now.  


Q: If you could give a victim one bit of advice what would it be?

A: Fight the feeling of helplessness while resisting the temptation to attack back. Even if the complaint takes on a life of it's own like ours, a cool head and game plan is necessary. We provide advice on dealing with and a rebuttal program to counteract it. Stop beating your head against the wall and use that energy to put together a game plan - it works!


If you would like a a FREE consultation email Scott Radin at . Our rebuttal consultation is 100% free and you will learn more about what we do to counteract online slander and how our rebuttal program is going to take on slander sites for search engine positioning.

WHAT NOT TO DO - DO NOT post fake positive reviews of yourself. That's a no no! And never lie - when posting rebuttals here or elsewhere tell the truth.